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The Love Juice Co. was established with the aim of providing the community with nutritious options. We observed that Southside Chicagoans had to travel a minimum of 3 miles or more to find a suitable place for healthy treats or snacks and we wanted to change that!


Our journey to spread love across the Southside began with our "Love Food Truck" and now we have a permanent location in the heart of the Pullman neighborhood at The Dr. Conrad Worrill Track & Field Center.


From here, we continue to serve our community in the Chicagoland area, offering freshly pressed juices, satisfying smoothies, and a variety of healthy food snacks prepared by our team of talented young culinary chefs. Our brand promise to our customers is that by choosing our products, they will have an impact that goes beyond consuming a healthy drink. The Love Juice Co. is a movement that believes everyBODY deserves good.





Love is an action.

We show our love through kindness and service to others, creating a lasting impact on their lives.



The proof is in the packaging .

We are about sustaining the world we live in just as much as we are about sustaining the bodies we live in.



Our products are clean.

We are passionate about helping our customers to live a healthy lifestyle by only using beneficial and nourishing ingredients.



We are in it to win it. We have vision beyond today. The decisions we make today affect our future growth and vitality. We plan to be around to see the impact in our communities that our brand will have.



We don't just show up. We are present and engaging in the communities that we serve, providing resources and cultivating relationships.



Khrysta Hendricks is the President and Founder of The Love Juice Co. It’s a new natural juice and smoothie shop on the south side of Chicago. She only began this venture in April of 2022 as a food truck, but her plan is to have the brand all over the city and eventually nationally. The Love Juice Co. believes that a healthier lifestyle should be accessible to everyone, so she began her journey aiming to do just that. She spent nine plus years in retail and complex sales in different industries and verticals. She combined that experience from sales with her desire to be an example that you can pursue your dreams while doing good. Her tagline is actually ‘drinks that do good’, because that is her mission. She wants to grow into a powerhouse brand while making sure the core values never change while making an impact in overlooked communities in Chicago.

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